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January 22, 2009

Portfolio 2008

Presenting my first annual portfolio, for 2008. It is my intention to make this an ongoing tradition: each January, collect the best photographs of the preceeding year, and publish a restropective portfolio for that year. I appreciate your comments on the portfolio!

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January 11, 2009

Picture of the Month - December

Roxborough State Park, Colorado, in Winter

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January 1, 2009

Minor site redesign

Happy New Year!
You will notice a few changes to my photography web site today. I’ve been working on these for quite a while now, so it’s good to finally see them published.
  • Home page (“Splash” screen) redesigned to better reflect the design elsewhere in the site; the navigation list is in larger type and easier to read and click; the site logo has been designed to look better on all browsers; the picture of the month gets a nicer frame; and the search box is moved to the bottom center. The “quick search” feature has been enhanced: you can drag the search results around the page; zooming is much smoother; there is a close box; the background is grayed out while zooming; and there are now visible controls for advancing to the next/previous image, as well as exiting the zoomed mode. It is now fully compatibile with Internet Explorer 8.0 beta 2. Some of you may notice another change: quick search is no longer supported at all for Internet Explorer 6.0. This change was made to reduce the time spent testing and supporting old browsers; IE 6.0 has taken about as much time to test as IE 7, IE 8b2, and all other browsers combined. I want to encourage anyone using IE 6.0 to upgrade to version 8.0 as soon as Microsoft releases it (expected sometime in 2009).
  • The gallery image browser now includes icons for next and previous photos (in addition to the arrow keystrokes which have always been supported). There is also a “play/pause” icon to start/stop the slide show feature (which can still be toggled with the space bar, or by double-clicking the image). Thumb-zooming has not changed, except that support has been dropped for Internet Explorer 6.0, which has always had “issues” with this feature. In addition, support has been added for user ratings – more about this later.
Enjoy! Please let me know if you encounter problems using your favorite browser (be forewarned that very old browsers are not supported). While I have disabled a handful of special features for Internet Explorer 6.0, I will continue to support page display throughout the site for that version for another 6–12 months (depending on when Internet Explorer 8.0 is released).