Daniel A. Wright ★ Fine Art Photography

My interest in photography began when I received my first camera in 1981. While many of my shots were of family or friends, I began experimenting with composition and subject material from the very beginning. I moved on to my first 35mm camera in 1988. In college, I took a media studio class that required large numbers of slides, and did my first work with an SLR. In 1993, I bought my first (film) SLR. In 2003, after a trip to Morocco, I began serious study of photography by way of a certificate program at the University of Washington. This lead to medium format photography (Mamiya 7II and Holga) in 2004, before finally moving to digital photography in March of 2005.

Born in Carmel, California, and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Dan moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1992. He currently makes his home in Seattle.

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